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Medical cannabis

The cannabis plant contains hundreds of substances (cannabinoids and terpenes), and each one—or each combination of them—can have different medical effects. One of the challenges in transforming cannabis into a pharmaceutical drug is the natural variation in its cultivation. This means the flowers have varying compositions, unlike the uniform well defined and robust products of the pharmaceutical industry. Cannabis reform will result in that the products being sold in pharmacies having accurate and precise doses of the active ingredients as required for typical drug.

Aminocann a subsidiary company of  Aminolab provides a complete response to the Israeli cannabis market

Aminocann provides solutions that answer the requirements of the cannabis reform in Israel for both farmers and manufacturers.

Aminocann operates through Aminolab to provide analytical laboratory services while complying with the latest standards for cannabis manufacturers, certified by the National Laboratory Accreditation Authority and recognized by the Ministries of Health and Agriculture. Aminocann consults in the establishment of laboratories, guidescompanies from inception and manages clinical trials through first-rate consultants.

Why Aminolab?

  • Recognition by the Ministries of Health and Agriculture.
  • Innovative equipment including HPLC, LC-MS/MS, GC-HS, GC-MS/MS ICP-OES, ICP-MS, TOC, IC, Karl Fischer.
  • Stellar reputation in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Laboratory services provided under three quality standards: ISO17025, cGMP and OECD-GLP.
  • Recognized for more than 15 years by European certification bodies.
  • FDA QSR approval.

Why Aminocann?

  • All services under one roof—from initial consultation to results.
  • Laboratory services provided by GMP-accredited Aminolab laboratory, with 30 years of experience.
  • Professional guidance for start-up companies in commercializing ideas.
  • Regulatory advice in building laboratories and adapting them to evolving regulation.
  • Management of clinical trials.

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Providing the complete process to the cannabis industry

Under one roof, Aminocann and Aminolab provide their customers with unparalleled service and a wide range of services that meet the new requirements in cannabis development and manufacturing—from farm to pharma.

Our partners in the field

Basalt Group
Cannasure Logo
  • The Basalt Group specializes in the development and manufacture of medical cannabis products under GMP conditions. We have joined Aminolab as part of the overall preparations for the new regulations because of their service and cooperation. Aminolab provides us with external laboratory services, plus they support the implementation of analytical validation and the transfer of methods (TTF). During our visit to their new laboratories, we saw an exemplary level of quality and uncompromising professionalism. We are impressed by the fact that they are always looking for ways to move forward.

    Alon Eisenberg, Medical and Quality Manager