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About Us

Aminolab is Israel’s leading company for analytical laboratory services in a wide variety of fields: pharmaceutical—medical equipment and drugs; food—food safety, microbiology, chemistry, pesticide residues, and toxins; water—drinking water, wastewater, water for dialysis, pools, groundwater; environmental—sewage, soil, and air; cosmetics—product registration, chemistry and microbiological laboratory tests.

Aminolab provides its customers with uncompromising quality and a wide range of services that the latest standards in a variety of field, and all under one roof.

Aminolab was founded in 1988 as a small laboratory for amino acid analysis. Since then, it has since gained market recognition for its quality service to hundreds of customers in Israel and abroad.

Aminolab is centrally located in the Weizmann Science Park in Nes Tziona. Its laboratories, which cover some 2,500 sq. meters, are equipped with state of the art equipment.

Aminolab employs more than 120 trained and highly skilled professionals with degrees in chemistry and the life sciences.

Aminolab’s success is based on our aspiration to be the best service laboratory in Israel and to meet our commitment to our clients in terms of professionalism, quality, and service orientation. Aminolab is expanding its presence in new markets and continues to broaden its laboratories’ capabilities in a controlled and professional manner.

Aminolab employs methods that comply with the relevant standards. It is certified and monitored by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority and recognized by the Health and Agriculture ministries. Aminolab is a leader in introducing new technologies to meet customers’ needs and operates in accordance with three different quality assurance protocols: cGMP, GLP, and ISO-17025. In 2014, the company passed an FDA audit with flying colors and no critical findings. Aminolab’s microbiology department received GMP approval from the FDA for medical accessories and drugs.

Aminolab places its customers at the center and fulfills its commitment to them by adhering to the principles of maximum flexibility, uncompromising quality, and outstanding service. These are the main components of the sterling reputation Aminolab has won over the years and why it has become a leading vendor in its field.

Aminolab is an authorized and recognized provider of laboratory services, with 30 years of experience serving all branches of Israeli industry.