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Aminolab is the leading company for analytical laboratory services in Israel. Its state-of-the-art laboratories provide its customers with reliable support and professional expertise in a wide variety of analytical fields – all under one roof.

Aminolab also provides services in these fields: :
•  Pharmaceuticals and medical devices • Food • Cosmetics • Environment (sewage, soil, air)

Water quality and testing is a central part of Aminolab’s work

Aminolab possess the best facilities in Israel for water testing according to international standards. Its laboratories can test any type of water:

 • Drinking water
• Desalinated water
• Pool water
• Sewage, wastewater and sludge.
• Purified water
• Dialysis water and sterile water for medical needs
• Ritual baths water (Mikva’ot)
• Groundwater

The laboratory and its professional employees are certified and highly trained. The laboratories employ state-of- the-art analytical equipment to yield the most accurate results. Recently, Aminolab introduced two of the most advanced water-testing and sampling technologies in order to comply with the new water standards.

Tests for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in groundwater, using a GC/MS-P&T
Tests to identify trace concentrations of metals in water, using ICP-MS

Tests for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in groundwater, using a GC/MS-P&T

The company’s laboratories have been thoroughly renovated and upgraded to meet international standards. The laboratories have been certified by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority and meet ISO/IEC-17025 and international standards. :
Aminolab team also includes sample-collectors that are certified for the sampling of the followings:

• Groundwater
• Drinking water
• Wastewater / sewage, etc

The laboratory is accredited by the Ministry of Health for testing dialysis water; water at medical facilities such as hospitals, old-age homes, and rehabilitation centers; tests for legionella in water. As part of the constant efforts to improve the quality and professionalism of its services, Aminolab is working to expand its accreditations and certifications in this field to comply with regulations and market requirements.

The laboratory holds the latest equipment to carry out water analyses, including: