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Aminolab is the leading company for analytical laboratory services in Israel. Its state-of-the-art laboratories provide its customers with reliable support and professional expertise in a wide variety of analytical fields – all under one roof.

Aminolab also provides services in these fields
• Pharmaceuticals and medical devices • Food • Cosmetics • Water

The enhanced awareness of environmental issues in Israeli public opinion as well as the increased statutory enforcement of such issues has led to an expansion of the laboratory infrastructure for conducting environmental analyses.

The laboratory provides analytical services in all areas related to the environment. Samples are examined for their compliance with gubernamental, regulatory and industrial standards. A wide variety of EPA-mandated analyses are available, in accordance with the Standard Method for the Examination of Water and Wastewater as well as professional support by the laboratory staff.

Aminolab’s Chemistry and Environment lab is the only one in Israel authorized to conduct air quality studies using ion chromatography and to detect airborne mercury. Our customers include the Environmental Protection Ministry; municipal environmental associations; construction companies, desalinization and soil treatment companies, water and sewage, and hygiene and sanitation consultants, as well as hundreds of companies and factories throughout the country.

The laboratory’s services include professional and certified sampling and collection of samples from our customers. Every sample-collector holds a vehicle equipped with the latest sampling equipment, including refrigerators, devices to measure chlorine content, pH, electrical conductivity, and turbidity, as well as equipment for sample soil, sewage, wastewater and water.

A partial list of the test conducted:

Groundwater, wastewater, sewage, sludge, and soil quality

Licensing tests required by municipal environmental associations and the Environmental Protection Ministry

Analyses during construction and maintenance of sewage treatment plants

Monitoring various pollutants in water, soil and air

Sampling groundwater and wells

Soil analyses as part of the requirements of soil sampling at construction sites and factories

The laboratory holds the latest equipment to carry out environmental analyses, including: